About the Program

The Arts & Consciousness mentorship program at John F. Kennedy University provides a transdisciplinary model for self-directed students to investigate, research and develop specialized techniques, skills and capacities in conjunction with a creative practice or project. Mentorships may include experiential exercises, supervised research, assigned readings, studio visits, critiques and/or individualized training, as determined by the student's artistic and/or professional objectives.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TA for Figure Drawing & Composition class at BCC in Fall 2013

A&C Alumn Ruth Block needs 1 or 2 students TA in class with her this Fall. 

She says:

I will have 40 college students (with a waiting list of 10) for the Fall BCC Figure Drawing & Composition, 2 Units. All three levels are in the same class. I need someone (or two) to help me get around to all of them during class, to reinforce the drawing lesson/instruction I've presented, and offer any other help and suggestions individual students may need. Also support during critiques, which I'm dividing in half due to the large size of class. 
What I need is someone - or ones- with a strong (at least undergraduate or other training) background in Figure Drawing, Basic Drawing Fundamentals & Composition. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TA Opportunity with Seth- Drawing!

Position Description for Teaching Assistant
Berkeley City College
Spring 2011
Instructor: Seth Eisen

Art 20 Beginning Drawing and Composition
Art 21 Continuing Drawing
Art 24 Special Projects in Drawing

TA Opportunity with Seth- 3D!

Position Description for Teaching Assistant
Berkeley City College
Spring 2011
Instructor: Seth Eisen

Art 44- Three Dimensional Design/ A sculpture practicum

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Year of Mentorships

Ever wonder how all that great work gets created in A&C when there's not always a studio class to fit the medium? Check out all the amazing things that are happening in A&C through the dynamic and self-directed mentorship program!  Just skim through the chart below for a collection of descriptions & student goals in the past year's individual, group and community mentorship! It's sure to inspire you in your own self-directed artistic unfoldment!!! Mentor's names are included, in case you want to connect for yourself. Student names are only included if they are mentioned in the content description, to protect privacy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FALL Group Mentorship! Lincoln Child Center

Transformative Arts Practice with Children - Group Mentorship, 3 units

Students will provide a 6-session transformative arts group for elementary-aged children in the Oakland public schools.  Students will be working under the auspices of Lincoln Child Center’s HOPE (Helping Open Pathways to Education) Program.  They provide mental health services in public schools in Oakland.  Their schools are located in North Oakland, East Oakland and the Laurel district. (www.lincolnchildcenter.org).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Metal Working & Smithing with Amy Golant

by Conso Buzabo, MATA candidate

When i began my mentorship in metal work and metal smithing, i did not know what to expect. I knew i needed to express myself artistically in a different way but i just did not know how. I knew that my hands wanted to create and move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional art. i knew i wanted to work with metal but i just did not know the first thing about it. I also knew that what i wanted to create work that was symbolic to me spiritually as well as emotionally. And so it was with trepidation that i started the search for someone whose metal work would speak to me aesthetically as well as emotionally.I started my mentorship with Aimee Golant with absolutely no idea how anything in metal-smithing worked. After my first class i was hooked. I learned the basics; gauges of metal, tools' names and how each works, how each metal reacts to heat and the safety standards working in a metal work studio

Focused Intensive with Lisa Kokin

by Jen Jervis

Goals for Mentorship:
To receive critical feedback on the projects that I was developing, creating and showing
To learn about various methods to present works of fiber art, including installation ideas
To dialogue about my art, future plans for my art, and my upcoming review and show

Creating a Retreat- Mentorship with Robbyn Alexander

by Megan Carlock

The goal of this mentorship was to make an initial inquiry and do research supporting the development and feasibility of producing and facilitating transformative art retreats. I spent much of my time for this mentorship researching possible retreat locations in the North Bay, where I live, and gathering information about costs, accommodations, and amenities offered at these retreat centers. I have compiled a resource list of these facilities and what they offer for future reference. I spent the remainder of my time beginning to investigate business ideas that would support my facilitation of transformative arts retreats as well as other opportunities that would help me develop my facilitation skills and business model.

Teaching Assistant Opportunity @ BCC- Painting with Judi Pettite

Opportunity Description for Teaching Assistant
Berkeley City College
Summer 2011
Instructor: Judi Pettite, jpettite@gmail.com

Art 50 Beginning Painting
Art 51 Continuing Painting
Art 54 Special Projects in Painting

Teaching Assistant Opportunity @ BCC- Drawing with Sharon Siskin

Berkeley City College
Summer 2011
Instructor: Sharon Siskin
Art 20 Beginning Drawing and Composition
Art 21 Continuing Drawing
Art 24 Special Projects in Drawing

Body Politic and Gender Topics with Teri Cohn

by Elizabeth Addison   4.11.11

Gender Continuum

This mentorship gave us an opportunity to investigate evolving gender and body related concerns, and their material, theoretical, sociopolitical, and historical implications in art making contexts during the late 20th and early 21st centuries; We considered and debated feminine, masculine, and sexual issues and their variable expression through artistic modes. We explored and critiqued the expression of gender concerns in art through artistic, verbal, and written means.

Highlights included attending and critiquing Lærke Lauta's video installation, Floating Female, at Mills College.  Also, we held Femininitea and Masculinitea events.  Utilizing creative responses, such as a gender manifesto, was an especially powerful method of exploring gender and body concerns in the arts.  Terri challenged long-held perspectives and held us up to high standards.  As a result, we flourished.  Terri Cohn brings to life the Body Politic and Gender Topics in the visual arts.  She is constructive with her input and she is extraordinarily supportive.  Working with her was a revelation on many levels.  I will be incorporating much of what we discussed and learned for a very long time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ancestral Work through Creative Process with Kimmy Johnson

by Lorraine Luna
March 31, 2011

The mentorship examined my creative process, and the resulting artwork. Focusing on
ancestoral stories, cultural ritual and family practices as the inspiration for my art

In our first meeting, Kimmy suggested using the art that I had created (which honors my
grandmother and my father’s family) to understand them as the keepers of our familial
ancestoral wisdom. My assignment was to “hold a question”, or, with a clear mind
meditate for 20 minutes on my artwork; and to be conscious of what experience(s)
presented itself.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teaching Assistant Mentorship Oppurtunity at Berkeley City College -Summer 2011

Position Description for Teaching Assistant
Berkeley City College
Summer 2011
Instructor: Seth Eisen  seth@eyezen.org

Art 20 Beginning Drawing and Composition
Art 21 Continuing Drawing
Art 24 Special Projects in Drawing